“hey, beetle!”

that’s my name, don’t smell ya later.

my work in fandom.

that’s one way to describe my fanfiction. but, hey, with ninety-plus different fandoms under my belt, and counting, why quibble?

my original work.

i do and have written original, yes. some of it has even been published. most of my original short fiction is on AO3, just like my fanfic. for the published novels, ask and i can share more info.

you heard the arm.

i’ve been writing seriously and obsessively for over twenty years. i currently blog here and on Tumblr and Pillowfort. and i rant in article- and essay- form on Medium.com. i’m also down to clown on Discord and Twitch. you young people, and your ‘video-ed gaming’ and your pokey-mans.

they really, truly do.

  • is especially helpful when plotting murder, most foul
  • is also good for not sucking at chess
  • is the correct word, and not “stragety”


this is a quote block with a short quote.

– the creator of this WordPress theme
(great) success

is VEREH NAHS not.

just a bug

i’m beetle. yup, that’s my legal name…

more about the bug

reach out and TOUCH ME, babe


other ways to touch me . . . touch me GOOD

Puuuuuuuuuuuurdy bug. . . .

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